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Stage Entertainment

Stage Entertainment is one of the world's largest producers and owners of musical/live entertainment and theaters. With offices and theaters spread across Europe, we produce some of the most significant titles in the industry!

"Our mission is to touch hearts and create memories," and with approximately 2,000 brilliant, talented, and diverse individuals worldwide, we deliver extraordinary experiences to the +7 million people who attend a Stage Entertainment production or venue each year.

We respect everyone's talents, embrace our differences, and cherish the unique roles we each play within the larger team, regardless of who you are or where you come from. We bring people together; that's the essence of everything we do—whether creating, producing, or performing.

What connects us at Stage is our strong passion for live entertainment, musicals and first-class theater performances. This common bond turns a colorful mix of people from a wide variety of professions into one dedicated team: a true "we". A team that does exceptional work by always striving for the best. A team that knows how to thrill millions of spectators with extraordinary shows on all our stages across Europe. We want to share our passion with you, too. That’s why we’re looking for you!

Your job as a Data Engineer at Stage Entertainment

It takes more than a great casts to get successful shows on stage, it takes an entire organization. Here is where you make your valuable contribution as a data engineer. You are an essential part of our highly data driven processes such as programming, financial management, operational excellence, marketing and sales.

As a data engineer at Stage Entertainment you play a vital role in making data accessible, reliable, and usable for various data-related tasks within an organization. You bridge the gap between raw data and valuable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making across departments and teams. But you also..

  • Design and develop data models that align with business requirements and facilitate data analysis and reporting; work with data scientists and analysts to ensure data models meet their needs.

  • Design, develop, and maintain data pipelines to efficiently and reliably move data from various sources into our BigQuery data warehouse using Fivetran as the data integration tool; collaborate with data analysts and stakeholders to understand data requirements and ensure seamless data integration.

  •  Develop Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes to cleanse, transform, and prepare data for analysis and reporting; monitor and troubleshoot ETL processes to ensure data quality and reliability.

  • Manage and optimize our BigQuery data warehouse to support fast and efficient data querying and analysis.

  • Utilize Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to deploy and manage data infrastructure.

  •  Work with Fivetran configurations and integrations to optimize data extraction from various data sources.

  • Implement data governance policies and security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

  • Continuously monitor data pipelines, data flows, and data storage systems to identify and address issues promptly; performs root cause analysis and implement solutions to prevent future incidents.

  • Collaborate with data scientists, analysts, and other stakeholders to understand data needs and deliver solutions.

  • Maintain documentation for data pipelines, data models, and data infrastructure to enhance knowledge sharing and facilitate future maintenance

This is what you bring as a Data Engineer:

You are curious and show learning ability. You are accurate, reliable and a good team player.

  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.

  • Proven experience as a data engineer

  • Excellent knowledge of data pipelines and ETL processes, data modelling and of SQL

  • Hands on experience with: Cloud-based data warehousing (preferably BigQuery) and data processing technologies, Cloud Infrastructure, preferably Google Cloud and Data Build Tool(DBT)

  • Fluent in English, preferably fluent in German.

  • Good communication skills (verbal and written)

  • Bachelor's degree (master is preferred) in Computer Science, Data Engineering, or a related field (or equivalent experience)

Your contributions as a Data Engineer will have a profound impact not only on Stage Entertainment Headquarters but also on the broader organization.

What does Stage Entertainment offer?

  • 25 vacation days to enjoy and relax.

  • A good pension scheme and reimbursement of travel expenses.

  • A pleasant office environment, but we also offer the possibility to work from home.

  • The opportunity to work remotely for two weeks, with a destination of your choice.

  • We value your personal development, that's why there are plenty of opportunities for training and education.

  • Competitive salary in line with the market

  • An inspiring diverse and inclusive international working environment.

Are you excited to join us as a Data Engineer?
We would love to invite you to get to know us better and learn more about the Data Engineer role at Stage Entertainment. Take the stage and let's arrange a meeting to discuss the exciting opportunities that await you here!